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Into the Deeps

Into the Deeps is the story of the ancient city of Omyra. Oldest city of the rapidly expanding Torrenta Empire, Omyra holds secrets found no where else in Aenelia. Waging war on two continents the Torrenti are forced to make pacts with the Cult of Deep Truths to secure their holdings in far off lands. Their seemingly endless supply of troops has won the ear of the Emperor himself. The Cult’s inquisitors now wield greater temporal power than either the Nobility and the Bureaucracy. Throughout the Empire prisons empty, debtors disappear, and heretical villages cease to exist. Further, the King Bellow has embargoed the Empire now turns to the great merchant empire of Sazilon. Torrenta is a land on the brink of great change.p.

Technical Information

It is the philosophy of the creators of this game, that to some extent restrictions give a campaign setting more flavor than all inclusiveness.

This campaign uses D&D 4e rule set. Available power sources are Arcane, Divine, Martial, and Primal. Available races are Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Eladrin, Sazilon, Keepers, and Halflings.

The concept of this setting was developed by Duncan McGregor and Will Coburn with contributions by Isaiah Glatz and Cullian Smith

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